Our students and staff have been inspired by the acts of kindness performed by community member, Ryan Crane. We notice he delivers flowers, desserts, and positive messages to people in our community, including our Lombard staff. 

Lombard Middle Schools wants to make sure Mr. Crane knows his kind actions do not go unnoticed. We want to show him that kindness really is contagious.  

Each month Lombard Middle School will recognize students who demonstrate kindness. These students will receive a certificate and something with sprinkles on it to honor Mr. Crane. 

We encourage all of our students to sprinkle kindness like Ryan Crane.  

We kicked off our Sprinkle Kindness Award on December 16, Grinch Day. The following students were recognized and will receive a special "sprinkle" treat on Monday, December 19.  

Congratulations to Aurora Bevenour, Aiden Landon, Maycee Goodman, and Aiden Williams for demonstrating kindness! #ZephyrPride #Sprinkleon