Keisha Harris

There are certain people that will come into our lives and we know right from the start that this person is going to change us for the better. For those that knew and loved Keisha Harris, their lives were all changed for the better. 

Keisha Royshan Harris passed away on Sunday, October 21, 2021. She was hired as a school secretary at Lombard Middle School in 2013. From her first day on the job, her co-workers knew Keisha brought in energy that could not be compared to anything they had ever experienced. 

Barb Baker, teacher at Lombard Middle School, shared her memories of the moment she learned that Keisha was coming to join the Lombard team. “The very first time I had learned she was coming to Lombard, I was thrilled because I knew her prior. I knew her in High School and we had been friends even prior to coming to Lombard. When I heard she was going to be part of the Lombard staff, I knew it was perfect because her personality was generous and inspirational. I knew she would be a great fit for people coming into the office. She would be the first in the line of defense and I knew she would be great to give our vibe to them and give them the warm welcome they deserved when they walked into Lombard. When she came, she fit right in. She had hard shoes to fill, the previous secretary left a legacy as well. However, I feel like Keisha stepped right in and lived the legacy and her own legacy by giving of herself to students just like her predecessor did.”

According to Lombard Middle School secretary Sandy Mills, “To know Keisha was to Love Keisha, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with.  Keisha brought an energy into the building that will be hard to replace.” 

Keisha was a dynamic individual who will always be remembered for her contributions to the Lombard Middle School family as well as all the other people she inspired along the way. Keisha’s spirit will live on daily in those who knew her. 

In honor of Keisha’s contribution to our district and everyone she came in contact with, CUSD #205 will brand our new SEL on Wheels van with a “Keisha Kares” logo, including a graphic of a painting that student Lily McNally created in Keisha’s likeness.  Soon every student served by SEL on Wheels will also benefit from her legacy of giving at Lombard Middle School.