Mrs. Hutton

Mrs. Becky Hutton was hired at the June 14, 2021 Board of Education to be the new Principal at Lombard Middle School for the 2021-2022 school year.  According to Dr. John Asplund, Superintendent of CUSD #205, “In a field of qualified candidates, Mrs. Hutton stood out to the committee of faculty and administration due to her demonstrated high levels of knowledge and applied skills that have helped lead her team of educational professionals at Monmouth Roseville for the past 8 years. We look forward to her becoming part of the Lombard community and working with another committed team of professionals for the 2021-2022 school year.”

Learn more about Mrs. Hutton by reading below! 

High School: Wethersfield in Kewanee, Illinois. 

College: Augustana College with a BS in Elementary Education. Master’s Degree: WIU Elementary Education & Educational Leadership: Ed.S: Educational Specialist Degree.

Teaching Experience: From 2003-2013, I taught 7th & 8th grade English Language Arts at Sherrard Junior High. I also coached volleyball, basketball, & softball. 

Principal Experience: In 2013, I was hired as the Principal at Central Intermediate in Monmouth, IL.  I was also named the curriculum director in 2017. 

My Why: I believe that every student has an unlimited capacity to learn. Our profession allows us to provide learning experiences that inspire and allow students to achieve their greatest potential.  As educators we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of kids’ lives. Principals have the power to remove barriers in order to promote equity so that all students can learn at high levels. The work we do matters every single day. 

Past Work: At Central our priority was to create a positive school culture that focused on the “whole child”. We incorporated morning meetings where students did emotional check-ins for the day, and teachers did team builders to create classroom communities.  We also wanted to ensure that all students received a high-quality education, so our teacher teams developed curriculum maps in the core subjects, and frequently collaborated to discuss student achievement.  

Lombard School has a great reputation. Scrolling through Lombard’s school website and social media page, I can tell the staff work extremely hard to create authentic learning experiences for the students. The images of the facilities and resources show that the district values student-led learning experiences to prepare students for their futures. 

Initial Priorities: Establishing vital communication channels with all school stakeholders will be a top priority. Additionally, building relationships with the Lombard staff, students, families, and community to assess where we are and what needs we have as a school community will also be important.  Through these positive relationships, Lombard will increase the opportunities to positively impact the lives of our students. The vision of the district is to help every student achieve their dreams. I am looking forward to working with the dedicated staff at Lombard so that we can help all students achieve success. 

Life Outside School: I live in Galesburg, Illinois with my husband, Brian and my two-year-old daughter, Aliyah. We also have two dogs Mia & Baylee.