Traffic Map

Greetings Parents/Guardians,

 As we continue to refine our drop off/pick up procedures I want to make you aware of encouraged traffic patterns and an area to avoid. 

Please utilize Knox St. and its feeder streets (Lombard, Whitesboro, and Locust) to drop your child(ren) off (the areas highlighted green).  Please encourage them to use the sidewalks when they approach the building.  We encourage you to move from West to East so students can be dropped off/picked up on the school side and avoid having to cross traffic.  If this is unavoidable, please help us by directing your child(ren) to the crosswalk located in front of the building.  There will be staff member there to help them cross daily.

 The staff parking lot (highlighted red) to the east off of Locust St. is not open to pick-ups/drop offs in the morning/afternoon.  Additionally, the bus lane off of Lombard street to the West should be avoided.  If we all work together we can help keep our students safe and make our process efficient.

 Thank you for your help and understanding.

Mr. Young