Loaners / Repairs

  • Students can come to the library between 7:30 - 8:15 a.m. to check-out a loaner for the day (no ID is required).
  • Loaners are available for the following situations:
    • A student’s Chromebook is in need of repair
    • A student owes money on their Chromebook
      • If a Chromebook is sent for repair and parts are broken or student-caused damage is assessed, the student will owe the $25/$50 /$75 deductible and will not be able to have their Chromebook back until it is paid.
    • A student forgets their Chromebook at home/bus/car/etc
      • Four times a school year - after four times, students will receive a lunch detention for forgetting their Chromebook.
  • If a student’s Chromebook is in need of repair, they need to turn the Chromebook in to Mrs. Burgess between 7:30-8:15 a.m.
    • Students will not be allowed to check-out a loaner Chromebook throughout the day with one exception - if a Chromebook is broken during the day, then the teacher may send the student to the library when Mrs. Burgess is available (Periods 6-10).
    • Generally, Chromebooks are sent back three school days from when they are turned in.
    • If a student is found to be causing problems with Chromebooks or abusing the system in any way, they may lose the privilege of borrowing a Chromebook and receive a lunch detention.
  • Loaner Check-Out Procedures
    • Select a loaner Chromebook and case from the cart
    • Take it to Mrs. Burgess to check-out
    • Keep Chromebook in case when not in use
      • Students are responsible for any damage that occurs to a loaner Chromebook when it is in their care. They will be charged the $25/$50/$75 deductible if it is returned damaged.
  • Loaner Check-In Procedures (Students CANNOT take loaners home)
    • Take the loaner Chromebook out of the case and hand to Mrs. Burgess to be checked-in.
    • Once checked-in, put the loaner back in the cart, plug it in and replace the case.
    • If a student DOES NOT RETURN the loaner to the library before leaving for the day, they will receive a lunch detention the following day.
      • If a student takes a loaner home twice, they are no longer able to check out loaners.

Chromebook Work Stations

  • There are Chromebook workstations available for students to plug in and work on their Chromebook in the library. A teacher must write a pass for a student to use the workstations.
  • Alternately, if a student has their own charger with them, they may also plug into an available outlet in the library and continue working on their Chromebook with a pass from their teacher.

Alternate Solutions

  • Teachers are welcome to allow students to charge and work on their Chromebooks in the classroom via their charging cord or the student’s charging cord.
  • Some teachers allow students to use their Chromebooks as loaners while they are in the classroom. This is personal decision. Teachers are still liable for the overall care of the Chromebook issued to them.